Exploring ways to interact without touching

To help limit the number of digital surfaces that we touch and share we created the Touch — Less project, where we explore how we can interact with screens without touching them.

Public touchscreens offer seamless convenience, cutting out the middleman as you order your burger, check in for your flight, or get cash out at the ATM. But the fact that they’re mostly based on touch is becoming problematic. Now more than ever we need to rethink these shared screens and find different ways to interact.

With technology that's available today - we can give users an option to do their everyday interactions, without us sharing the same touch surfaces.

We created a series of proof of concept demos, that shows ways we can turn existing touchscreen applications into applications that can be controlled without touch - using hand tracking technology.

The code is open source and uses HandPose for hand detection and tracking. We believe that by building on each other’s ideas we can turn small gestures into big change, and sooner rather than later, start to see this implemented in the real world.


You can try the demos below

Using just your hand, you can control a series of proof of concept touch less demos, using hand tracking.
Requires a fast GPU, and a desktop computer with webcam access and either Chrome, Opera or Edge.

Try Demos

Gestures used to navigate

Drag: To drag, close your hand - the cursor will change and show arrows. You can now drag to either left or right to swipe to another screen.

Hover: Moved your hand around - when you hover something that's clickable - it will get a blue border around it

Click: To click you need to hover an object - then you click by spreading fingers, and keep them spread - until the blue bar has filled out

Back to overview: Turn your hand - so that your palm faces you - and wait for the countdown to go to zero - and you should get back to the demo overview screen